Ms. Jane

My resolve to work with young children started when I was still in school, although I wasn't sure what form it might take - teaching, or being a pediatrician, or perhaps a speech pathologist.  The route I took was teaching, and my journey since graduation has been quite eclectic and varied.  It has included teaching Gr. 1, raising two children, private reading tutoring, working as an educational assistant in the school system, working with children with Down Syndrome and their families, and being a preschool teacher. It was about 8 years ago that I was first introduced to the Reggio approach by a co-teacher, and it has been a rewarding journey, and one in which I, too, am learning. 

During my last preschool job, I had the pleasure of facilitating parented preschool classes, in which the parent/caregiver attended with the child. I found this opportunity to discuss teaching and parenting and all sorts of things inspiring and quite helpful for the parents. So I have definitely come to appreciate not just the relationship I develop with each child, but that which happens with each parent as well.  I look forward to having that opportunity this coming year to continue developing relationships with the families, with parent involvement in the classroom, as well as in the running and organization of the playschool.  



Ms. Jessica

Hello, I’m Jessica and I am thrilled to be co teaching with Jane at Highwood Playschool. I look forward to meeting and cultivating a relationship with your family as we embark on your child’s preschool journey. 

I graduated Mount Royal University in 2009 on the Dean’s Honour Roll List and hold a diploma in Early Childhood Education; I am a Reggio-Emilia inspired teacher who has always had a passion for educating young children. I find their natural inquisitive nature, their admiration for things they discover, and the joys of being in their presence fulfilling in every way possible. I have had the privilege of teaching within various organizations over the past decade that have inspired and enabled me to grow both professionally and personally. I am currently a yoga teacher trainee, and an ongoing student studying mindfulness and how to incorporate it into a classroom setting. 

I enjoy being active, getting into nature, and reading and writing as much as humanly possible. I am continuously looking for new and invigorating ways to assist the children in learning about the world around them, through inquiry-based learning and the development of an emergent curriculum based around what is of interest to them!

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn” - Benjamin Franklin