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Program Fees

We are currently working on programs to support families experiencing financial difficulty. Thank you for your patience as we take strive to support and learn about ways to support our community!


Non-Refundable Registration Fee - $100

  • Registration & Materials Fee: $85.00

  • Highwood Community Membership: $15.00. Residence in Highwood area is not required. A separate membership form will be filled out in person.

  • Registration fee is payable on the date that the registration forms are handed in to the Registrar.


Monthly Tuition Fees

  • Monday & Wednesday : $200.00/month

  • Monthly Fees are required as a set of postdated checks at the time of registration. Please date the checks for the first of each month (minimum 4-month semester commitment). Families paying annually may receive a 10% off incentive.


Payment Details

Cheques are to be made payable to Highwood Playschool Association.  There will be a $25.00 fine for any NSF cheques.


Withdrawal / Cancellation Policy

Community Association fees and Registration fees are nonrefundable once the cheques have been cashed.  There can be no refund for tuition due to vacation, holidays or illnesses.  If a family fails to fulfill their financial and/or parental obligations to the Playschool, they will receive a verbal or written warning.  A family may be requested by the Executive, on written notice, to withdraw from participation in the program if the issue fails to be resolved.  A child may also be withdrawn from the program when the Executive, in consultation with the teacher, is of the opinion that the program is not suitable for the child.