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Parent Involvement

In-Class Parent Helpers

Our playschool is wonderful because of families!  It is a requirement that each family take their turn sending an adult helper (mom, dad, grandparent, aunt, etc.) to the class.  When it's your turn to come, your child will be thrilled to share his/her playschool with you!  The Parent Helper gets to assist the children and teacher with various activities, and observe their child's interaction with the playschool setting.  It's a good opportunity to get to know your child's peers and teacher.

Work Bee

A playschool Work-Bee happens several times during the year, and each family is asked to attend once.  When you attend, you will receive two things:  your 'Cleaning Bee Deposit' Check, and the satisfaction of having helped improve your child's classroom environment!  (Treats will be served, too!)

Out-of-Class Helpers

Our playschool is run by a committee of parents, who lend their creativity and skills to managing the program from the top.  There are several different roles on this committee, each with differing time-requirements.   As well, there are other important jobs needed to operate our program such as making playdough, mending and repairing, shopping, snow shovelling, etc.   Let the registrar or teacher know which you'd be willing to contribute to your child's school and community!


Our school runs on a very tight budget, and so to keep fees low we will have several fundraising efforts throughout the year.  We believe that our teachers are one of the most valuable resources to our program, and therefore, although we are a non-profit organization, we offer competitive salaries and benefits to attract and retain high quality staff.  We value your ideas and depend on your participation and support.